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  Architecture (example: Intel Pentium)         : AMD K6/2

  Operating System (example: Linux 2.0.26 ELF)  : Linux 2.4.20 (slackware)

  PostgreSQL version (example: PostgreSQL-7.4):   PostgreSQL-7.4

  Compiler used (example:  gcc 2.95.2)          : gcc 3.2.2

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I experienced a system crash (power related - my system is stable)
So, postmaster.pid was still there but had wrong pids and pgsql didn't restart
correcly for some reason.
Then, I tried to shut it down manually by using /etc/rc.d/rc.pgsql
 (pointing to your startup script)

and it made my system hang. I don't have a console on my linux box, so I never 
undesrtood why
shutdown and reboot commands where hanging. 

Please describe a way to repeat the problem.   Please try to provide a
concise reproducible example, if at all possible: 

If you know how this problem might be fixed, list the solution below:

I patched it, here my diff -c pg_ctl pg_ctl_fixed:

*** pg_ctl      Sat Nov 22 13:21:39 2003
--- pg_ctl_fixed        Sat Nov 22 13:21:14 2003
*** 274,280 ****
        kill "$sig" $PID
        # wait for postmaster to shut down
!       if [ "$wait" = yes -o "$op" = restart ];then
            $silence_echo $ECHO_N "waiting for postmaster to shut down..."$ECHO_C
--- 274,280 ----
        kill "$sig" $PID
        # wait for postmaster to shut down
!       if [ "$?" = 0 -a ["$wait" = yes -o "$op" = restart] ];then
            $silence_echo $ECHO_N "waiting for postmaster to shut down..."$ECHO_C

I added the test on the kill result, so that it doesn't wait for something that will 
never occur

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