Steven Singer wrote:
Downsides include that the code is kind of complicated, insert,updates and
deletes are much slower and a lot of extra information needs to be stored by
the mirroring system(see the accounting table).

I second this part.

I added a compile time flag to enable or disable this feature.

I think there's demand for conditional replication(because I've had other
requests for it) I'm just wondering if this is a good starting point?

I need conditional replication, but personally I'm not fond of the depends-on row chaining stuff. And I think there are simpler ways to get the conditional replication, but unfortunately I haven't had time to work on proving that yet, so I could be wrong ;-)

I don't think you'll get much feedback from dbmirror users on PATCHES -- it might be a good idea to solicit input on GENERAL or maybe the gborg replication list.


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