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Craig Boston wrote:
> Sorry about the cross-post -- I'm not 100% sure which list this should be sent 
> to.
> I noticed in the 7.4 release that in contrib/pg_autovacuum, args->logfile is 
> not initialized if a log file is not specified on the command line.  This 
> causes an immediate segfault on systems that fill allocated memory with some 
> value other than zero (my FreeBSD machine uses 0xD0).
> Several crashes later I discovered that args->user, password, host, and port 
> are also used without being initialized.
> This doesn't appear to be fixed in CVS and I came up empty on a mailing list 
> search -- hope it hasn't been reported already.
> Attached is a quick patch that fixes the problem.
> --
> Craig

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