It just struck me that *maybe* a portable solution would be to put the awk output inside in a .h file and then #include it in a one line .c file which is passed to the preprocessor. Would that keep the (strange) HP compiler happy?



ViSolve Open Source Team wrote:

** *2. About the TMPFILE definition change from .c to .h:* Unfortunately, the -V option does not work the same way across HP compilers (it works as expected with HP aCC, but not with HP cc).

We have a couple of alternatives here. a. Using `uname` (to look for HP-UX) /and/ checking to see if *$CPP* is set to //usr/bin/cc/ or //opt/aCC/bin/aCC./ Not good.
b. Doing nothing. The TMPFILE mod is a trivial change to make with each new version of PostgreSQL that we build for HP-UX. (We had in fact suggested this in our original request email). So if you make no changes to the TMPFILE code, that will be fine too.
ViSolve OpenSource Team

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Subject: Re: [BUGS] (Modified) Patch request for PostgreSQL 7.4 for HP-UX

Peter also mentioned:
>You're doing this:
I'm afraid this will not fly, because calling the preprocessor is only
portable on .c files. Generally, it's also unwise to rely in this kind
of subtle side effect. We need a general solution.
Can you give us a way to test for your preprocessor? Is there some
unique output like --version or -V that we can test and use *.h only
in that case?
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