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From: Claudio Natoli
Sent: 12/10/03 12:28 AM
Subject: [PATCHES] Comments requested on attached fork/exec patch

Hi all,

here's a patch aimed at moving along the fork/exec development. It is
yet complete or ready for submission, but would like comments at this
from the postgres developer community.

The places of particular interest are denoted by "FIXME: [fork/exec]",
however, some things I'd like to highlight are:

        * BackendFork changes are aimed at making BackendFork, in the
fork/exec case, simply format arguments in a manner which would be safe
the postmaster itself to call, deferring calls to ProcessStartupPacket
the like to PostgresMain (which is run by the exec'd child)
        - ultimate goal is to move the fork call into BackendFork
and, in the fork/exec case, allowing the postmaster to run the body of
function, and then fork/exec'ing at the very end of the routine
        - this is necessary for the Win32 port, because the Win32
CreateProcess call will effectively replace both the fork + exec calls
we can't really have any processing between the fork + exec calls, as
context available under *nix after the fork call just has no analogy

        * Things like FreeSpaceMap, shmInvalBuffer and PMSignalFlags are
registered in ShmemIndex via ShmemInitStruct. Suggest having their
respective Init* functions take a boolean "init" parameter for sanity
checking (as per StrategyInitialize)

        * Lock/ProcLock pulled out of LockMethodTable (?) and
FreeSpaceMap->relHash moved to stand-alone var. This is because the
corresponding to the hash tables headers which they point to is not
accessible by backends in the fork/exec case

        * Getting rid of the (seemingly paranoid) locking in buf_init.c
lock.c would be a help ("Can we remove this" comments in patch)

        * Changed ShmemIndexLock to be a spin lock in its own right. But
could/should we just use ShmemLock instead?

        * Statement     /* ShmemIndex can't be set up yet (need LWLocks
first) */
           inside InitShmemAllocation is no longer true. Should we now
ShmemIndex here? Seems like the reasonable thing to do...

        * Polluting -p argument list. Bruce + I have discussed
writing/reading these from file as per the guc variables. Refer to
read/write_backend_variables functions.

        * AttachSharedMemoryAndSemaphores looking more and more like
CreateSharedMemoryAndSemaphores. Refactor to one function?

        * A number of comments (related to say, where ShmemIndex
be initialized, or about fork/exec) need changing...

FWIW, this patch appears to have no detrimental effect on the existing
EXEC_BACKEND) code base (based solely on passing 'make check' under
It does appear to give allow more or less workable fork/exec'ing of
(EXEC_BACKEND defined) but it still needs some work.

Whilst this patch targets BackendFork, if I can get it into shape for
submission I'm keen to move onto continuing/finishing off the remaining
fork/exec work (namely, the stats buffer + collector processes, and the
forking from SSDataBase).


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