Neil Conway wrote:
> Well, my reasoning was that the phrase "VACUUM", particularly when
> typeset as a command, has an exact technical meaning within the
> context of PostgreSQL.

The difference is that "VACUUM" is clearly meant to refer to the 
command, and as such it is not a verb.  So write "run [the command] 
VACUUM" and you're on the safe side.  That also saves you from creating 
entities like "VACUUMing", which are beyond ugly.

>     The presence of a for update trigger on the table [...]
> (To invent a random example) I think this is clearer:
>     The presence of a <literal>FOR UPDATE</literal> trigger on the
>     table [...]

This is OK, because in English you can use almost anything as an 

> However, I Am Not A Technical Writer, so I may be completely
> wrong. BTW, can anyone recommend a good book on technical writing in
> English?

I find that "The Chicago Manual of Style" has answered all my questions 
so far.  That's not targeted specially at technical writing, but it's 
good allround information.

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