Claudio Natoli said:
>> patch + new file attached. Haven't tested on Windows, but
>> should be fine.
> Would be, except for a small typo (conditional operator has an
> additional : instead of a ?).

Darnit. please fix when applying.

> Also, we might want to change to SleepEx,
> depending on how we eventually get signals implemented, but that's a
> story for another day.

Yes. If we use a separate thread to catch signal events then only calls in
that thread would need to use SleepEx, no? Anyway, as you say if necessary
it can be adjusted later.

> This, + the pipe() patch from a couple days ago, means we can just
> about tick off the "Problems with select()" item on the Win32 TODO list
> :-)

That was the intention :-)



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