Neil Conway wrote:
> P.S. BTW, how does everyone feel about the methodology I've been
> using for submitting and applying patches? The procedure I'm
> following is:
> - for trivial / obviously correct patches, just apply them
> immediately
> - for fairly simple patches, submit them to the list and apply them
>   fairly soon afterward (say, within 24 hours or 48 hours). When I
>   apply the patch, send another mail to wrap up the issue.

I feel that you don't really need to "wrap up" the issue, because anyone 
who cares enough will read the commit list.

> - for more complex stuff, the usual submission & review process until
>   the patch is ready to be applied.
> If people don't want the additional mail when a patch is applied, I
> can stop sending those to reduce the quantity of mail on -patches.
> I'm also open to any other suggestions for procedural changes...

It's up to you.  Normally it's OK to float a proposal and then install a 
corresponding patch right away, but if you feel better when other 
people look over the actual patch, feel free to post it.

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