Neil Conway wrote:
> This patch adds a "WITH / WITHOUT OIDS" clause to CREATE TABLE
> AS. This allows the user to explicitly specify whether OIDs should be
> included in the newly-created relation (if form of this clause is
> specified, the default_with_oids configuration variable is used). This
> is useful because it provides a way for application authors to ensure
> their applications are compatible with future versions of PostgreSQL
> (in which the relation created by CREATE TABLE AS won't include OIDs
> by default).
> No equivalent functionality has been added to SELECT INTO: there
> isn't a convenient syntax for it that I could see, and in any case
> CREATE TABLE AS has always offered a superset of the functionality of
> SELECT INTO. Therefore, I don't view this as a problem.
> The implementation is a tad messy (it would be nice if CREATE TABLE AS
> were a distinct node, to avoid needing to clutter up SelectStmt
> further). I also needed to add an additional production to avoid a
> shift/reduce conflict in the parser (see the XXX note in the patch
> itself).
> The patch includes updates to the documentation and regression tests.

Does this deal with the fact we now emit WITH/WITHOUT OID in pg_dump? 
FYI, that is a must-fix for 7.5 for portability reasons.

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