I wrote:
> But I'll happily concede the point, and prove it by knocking 
> up a patch for it over the weekend (unless anyone else 
> particularly wants to).

Occurs to me I could kill 2 birds with one stone, and also implement another
Win32 sticking point, namely the waitpid changes for the Postmaster, by
having win32_forkexec do one of the following:

a) - when a backend startup is indicated, add a pid/cancel_key struct
(Backend) to this new array in shared mem
   - when any child of the postmaster is started, also add a pid/HANDLE
struct to a postmaster local array (or perhaps a dlllist)

b) - when any child of the postmaster is started, add a
pid/cancel_key/HANDLE/isBackend struct to this new array in shared mem

(HANDLE for waiting on to determine child death; isBackend to separate
BackendList backends from other children)

Choosing a over b:
        PRO: as we've already been through, keeps the postmaster-only data
local to the postmaster, stopping tampering from rouge backends
        CON: yet more redundancy

Given recent conversations, I'm guessing (a), but any comments before going
ahead and doing it?


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