Reece Hart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Okay, Tom, here's take II.

Okay, now that I understand what you want to do, how portable is this
across different readline versions --- how far back do they have support
for these RL_PROMPT_foo symbols, and do we need to consider the
possibility that the symbols aren't there or act differently?

BTW, you have a comment suggesting removing the contained text, but
that's all wrong --- lack of readline does not imply that the prompt is
being printed on a dumb terminal.  We are leaving it up to the user to
select a prompt string that's compatible with his terminal; readline has
nothing to do with it.  In short, ISTM that %[ and %] should simply be
ignored when readline isn't in use.

> warning: I've handchecked the sgml, but the doc tools I've got installed
> die when I make man within doc/src/sgml.

No idea about that.  Maybe Peter will know.

                        regards, tom lane

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