Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Neil Conway wrote:
>> - don't use C++-style comments
> Oops ... sorry ... been doing too much PHP.
> BTW: Why is this frowned apon so?  Are there compilers that have
> problems with it?

IMHO it's not so much that it's considered THAT evil, it's just an
easy thing for reviewers to spot :-) C++-style comments aren't C89
(although they are C99), so plenty of oldish compilers would be well
within their rights to reject code that uses that style of
commenting. Since the rest of the code is consistent in not using
these comments, there's really no benefit to using them that I can

> I'm not aware that the documentation needs updated.  I changed the
> code to be up to date with the docs I found.  If there's docs that
> need updated, please point me specifically to them and I'll be happy
> to generate a patch to the best of my ability.

doc/src/sgml/ref/psql-ref.sgml, circa line 705, obviously needs
updating. That's the only place I could see, although I didn't spend
much time looking.

> Thanks for the quick feedback.  I hope you didn't see that post to
> hackers and take it as me bitching and whining or anything, it's just
> that I'm not 100% familiar with how things flow within the PostgreSQL
> group, and I was curious.

No, it just reminded me about the patch. As for asking questions about
procedure, that's fine with me (more often than not it's I who's
asking :P)


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