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When assigning a tuple to an array, PL/Tcl creates one extra array element .tupno telling the SPI_tuptable index of the result tuple. I think I originally planned to have more of these critters ... but probably never really needed them. It is in there since 6.3!

Bottom line is, if one has a trigger, and inside the trigger he does an SPI_exec, fetches a tuple into an array and then returns [array get x] instead of new or old ... so from the back through the right chest into the left eye ... then it will fail if the .tupno isn't filtered out.

Hm. Perhaps we should tighten the test to reject only ".tupno", rather than any name starting with dot?

Man you have worries ... aren't people who use identifiers with a leading dot supposed to have problems? What about changing it to .. instead? I mean, how does such a thing look like?

    SELECT ".. some column .." FROM ".. the schema ..".".. a table .."
        WHERE ".. the schema ..".".. a table ..".".. some column .."
        IN ('.oh.', '.give.', '.me.', '.a.', '.break!');

If you like to, tighten it.


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