Patch applied.  Thanks.

The patch is quite small.  I need the README because there were very
complex decisions made in choosing this route, and we need to document
that for later adjustment, if necessary.

I usually put things in a queue an apply after 1-2 days, but I am
leaving for Europe tomorrow and we have a few people working on Win32
that need this in soon so they can continue.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Here's the latest win32 signals code, this time in the form of a patch
> against the latest shapshot. It also includes the replacement of kill()
> with pqkill() and sigsetmask() with pqsigsetmask().
> Passes all tests fine on my linux machine once applied. Still doesn't
> link completely on Win32 - there are a few things still required. But
> much closer than before.
> At Bruce's request, I'm goint to write up a README file about the method
> of signals delivery chosen and why the others were rejected (basically a
> summary of the mailinglist discussions). I'll finish that up once/if the
> patch is accepted.
> Assuming it passes review, this code is ready to be applied to HEAD.
> //Magnus

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