Mostly nit-picking, but for what it's worth:

Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> !         <note>
> !          <para>
> !           The order of outer joins specified via the <literal>JOIN</>
> !           construct is never adjusted by the query planner; therefore,
> !           <varname>join_collapse_limit</> has no effect on this
> !           behavior.

This should include some weasel-wording along the lines of "At present,
blah blah blah".  It is theoretically legal to reorder outer joins in
some cases, and I harbor ambitions of teaching the planner about that
sooner or later.

> !         <varname>from_collapse_limit</varname>, which is appropriate
> !         for most users. Setting it to 1 prevents any reordering of

"most uses", perhaps ?

> !         order they desire explicitely. Another consequence of setting

spell-check ...

> !         this variable to 1 is that the query planner will behave more
> !         similarly to the <productname>PostgreSQL</productname> 7.3

"more similarly" is bad grammar ... try "more like the" ...

                        regards, tom lane

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