Tom Lane wrote:
> I saw that, but it seemed a non-problem to me: if the variables have
> not been exported then they won't affect the sort program anyway.

He probably had LANG, but not LC_ALL, already exported in his 
environment.  So when the shell program writes:


then sort doesn't see it, because it is not exported, but LANG is still 
exported with the value he doesn't want.  The solution is to export 

> I tried to reproduce Nicolai's statement about LC_ALL not being
> sufficient, but AFAICT Fedora Core 1 handles this as expected:
> $ cat /etc/redhat-release
> Fedora Core release 1 (Yarrow)
> $ LANG=en_US LC_ALL=en_GB locale

You have both LC_ALL and LANG exported.

> What I suspect is that Nicolai's environment supplies an explicit
> value for LC_COLLATE, overriding both LC_ALL and LANG.  If we want to
> be bulletproof against that, then none of the proposals in this
> thread are correct, and the correct patch is

That's not possible, because LC_ALL overrides everything.

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