Neil Conway wrote:

Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

OK, then *This* patch does it the way I think is clearest. Most of it
is just reindenting.

Okay, I applied this patch, and made a few additional cleanups along the way (the whole function and a couple other things don't need to be declared in hba.h, for example). The incremental diff between what I applied and what Andrew posted is attached.

BTW, I think the proper fix is to rewrite next_token(), which is
rather obfuscated at present. Anyone want to take a shot at this?

the file probably has several candidates for cleanup - parse_hba() not least among them, but I am trying to do several things during my involuntary "time off", which I expect to end RSN, so I doubt I can get to either of these soon.



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