Ehh, scratch that. That file had pqselect call itself..

Here is an updated version of select.c for backend/port/win32. The patch
stays the same.


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>Subject: [pgsql-hackers-win32] Win32 signals patch #2
>Here's step #2 in win32 signals handling, containing the following:
>1) Per discussion with Bruce, reverts the change from kill() 
>to pqkill()
>on all platforms. Instead, #define away kill() to pqkill() in
>port/win32.h, and just use kill() directly on unix platforms. Similar
>changes for pqsigsetmask, except they are all local to pqsignal.h.
>2) Implements pqselect() in similar ways. This function appears just as
>select() to the user. Internally, it runs a loop where it polls for
>signals once / second. This allows the backend to actually shut down,
>since we can deliver signals to both postmaster and statistics
>processes. Ordinary backends cannot yet be shut down, since they don't
>use select, but a blocking recv() instead. I'll get to those soon...

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