Mark Feit wrote:
> This patch against 7.4.1's psql and the documentation adds the option
> of reading rows from the "current" input stream (standard input, -f
> xxx, \i xxx) during a "\copy ... from" operation in psql.  The details
> were proposed and discussed (somewhat) here:
> After some consideration, I decided to stick with the
> originally-proposed syntax because I couldn't come up with anything
> that made as much sense.
> This patch also includes a change which makes the "enter data to be
> copied..." message appear for both \copy and COPY in an interactive
> setting.
> If there's interest, I can build a patch against the current
> development version.

Actually, I am confused by our current \copy behavior.  Given the
following file:

        CREATE TABLE test(x INT);
        \copy test FROM STDIN
        SELECT * FROM test;

'psql test </tmp/x' works fine, but 'psql -f /tmp/x test' hangs waiting
for input from stdin.  Why would we want STDIN to read from the terminal
if all commands are being read from a file with -f?

Reading the second URL, I see:

> Peter Eisentraut declared that from that point on, stdin would be
> whatever stream the \copy command came from.  I'd like to propose a
> variant on the "FROM" clause which makes good on Peter's declaration
> without breaking anything already using FROM STDIN and expecting it
> to really read from stdin.  (I think this is for the better because
> there are lots of good uses for "psql -f foo.sql < foo.dat".)

I agree with Peter stdin should be where ever the commands are coming
from.  I don't see any value to keeping backward compatibility for such
strange behavior, and adding another flag to give the reasonable
behavior seems wrong too.

I propose we just fix this and document it in the release notes.  Heck,
COPY and \copy should behave the same in determining STDIN, and right
now they don't.

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