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Subject: Calling a java program thru a trigger or a function in postgresql

> Here's a high-level overview of what I want to do:
> 1.  A record in a postgresql database is changed.
> 2.  If the change causes the data record to meet certain conditions based
>     Boolean logic, a database trigger will invoke a Java UDF.
> 3.  This Java UDF uses the JavaMail API to send an e-mail to a specified
>     recipient.
> The javamailing program is written separately and is running fine.
> Can any one give me the following details :
> 1.  Where to place the java or class file for access.
> 2.  plz give me the exact create function statements.
> 3.  plz give me the exact create trigger statments.
>              O R
> Plz give me the code to satisfy my requirement.
> Thanks in advance for ur help
> venky

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