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> "Mark Cave-Ayland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The only reason I kept the Relation parameter
> > was because I wasn't sure if there was a historical reason 
> why someone 
> > would need the relation information as well as the attribute 
> > information.
> I can't think of one, but if someone did, they could extract 
> the relation OID from the pg_attribute row and re-open it for 
> themselves. So AFAICS this API does not omit any critical info.


> I forgot to email you about the fetch_function revision, but 
> I trust it meets with your approval.  Right now it's just a 
> wrapper around heap_fetch, but I thought we might conceivably 
> want something different when we do functional-index stats.  
> The fetch function will give us wiggle room if we need it.

Yep no problems as long as the functionality is there. I think I can
also see where you're going with functional indexes - during an analyze
phase, for a column X, a pseudo-column f(X) is generated from the sample
data before the stats calculation is performed and the results dropped
into pg_statistic. Hopefully this now shouldn't be too difficult for
someone to pick it up and run with it.




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