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Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Nick Barr wrote:

Would anyone have any objections if I started to look at the following TODO item?

* Allow INSERT INTO tab (col1, ..) VALUES (val1, ..), (val2, ..)

Sounds good. Please read the developers FAQ for the suggested process.

Also please read the SQL spec. I recall having looked at this once with the idea that it should be an easy Sunday-afternoon hack, and discovering that making it do what the spec envisions was harder than I thought. I forget now just what the issues were, but I remember there's more there than meets the eye. (Type coercion might have been part of it ... don't recall for sure ...)

regards, tom lane

Cheers guys. Reading every piece of documentation I can find (isn't Google marvellous). Will report back when I have looked at the code a bit more.


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