Ok, here's an updated timer.c that fixes these concerns and also adds a
$postgresql$ header to the file.

It also removes the check if value == NULL, since that is now Asserted
instead. And it really should never happen based on the places where
setitimer is used.

The patch stays unchanged, just a new timer.c


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>> Here is a patch that implements setitimer() on win32. With 
>this patch 
>> applied, deadlock detection and statement_timeout now works.
>> The file timer.c goes into src/backend/port/win32/.
>Minor comments:
>* "timer.c" has shmem.c in header
>* I'd suggest Asserts on the remaining 2 limitations ("zero" 
>it_interval and NULL ovalue), on the off chance that some 
>future change to the source expects them (ie. so we'll find 
>out about it under win32 pretty quickly); possibly provide 
>defines of ITIMER_VIRT and ITIMER_PROF, for completeness.
>Looks good,
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