Peter Eisentraut wrote:
ISTM that the linking changes you propose are stretching the semantics of DocBook. If you want to link, why not just use <link>. By using <xref> plus endterm you're doing the same thing indirectly and you rely on the remote endterm having a sensible grammatical structure that fits into the local sentence.

I didn't know about the <link> tag, thanks for the suggestion. (I won't claim to be a DocBook expert.)

Can you suggest when <xref> should be used, and when <link> is the right tag to use?

(The fact that the endterm of the xref must fit into the grammatical structure of the local sentence doesn't seem like a major problem to me. If we change the endterm of *any* xref, couldn't that disturb the xref's local sentence? i.e. don't the existing uses of <xref> in the docs suffer from the same problem?)


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