Tom Lane wrote:
I think this is wrong.  We silently accept leading whitespace in
(IIRC) all the numeric datatypes, and I believe we should accept
trailing whitespace too.

(Sorry, I had misremembered your suggestion -- you had earlier said that the spec probably allows for leading and trailing whitespace.)

I think there's a case to be made that we shouldn't accept either leading or trailing whitespace, but it seems too late to go down that path: it isn't worth breaking backward compatibility over, for one thing.

So if we're going to continue to accept leading whitespace, it seems only reasonable to consistently accept trailing whitespace as well.

Minor stylistic gripe here: errdetail and errhint messages are
supposed to be complete sentences

Thanks for catching that, I'll fix it before applying.

I'll apply the patch this evening without the trailing whitespace change; if there's a consensus that allowing trailing whitespace is the best course, I'll post a separate patch for that shortly.


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