Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > it only logs executor stats for PORTAL_MULTI_QUERY queries.  I assume
> > this was done so that individual queries are logged rather than the
> > entire multi-query.
> I think it was just an oversight.  IIRC, the PORTAL_MULTI_QUERY path of
> control is the only one that has direct predecessor code in pre-7.4
> releases.  I probably missed the need to add stats code to the new code
> paths.

OK, patch applied.

> Are you sure that log_executor_stats is the only missing case?

You are asking if other things are in the Multi path but not in the
non-multi path.  The only thing I saw was this from PortalRunMulti:

     * If a command completion tag was supplied, use it.  Otherwise use
     * the portal's commandTag as the default completion tag.
     * Exception: clients will expect INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE tags to have
     * counts, so fake something up if necessary.  (This could happen if
     * the original query was replaced by a DO INSTEAD rule.)
    if (completionTag && completionTag[0] == '\0')
        if (portal->commandTag)
            strcpy(completionTag, portal->commandTag);
        if (strcmp(completionTag, "INSERT") == 0)
            strcpy(completionTag, "INSERT 0 0");
        else if (strcmp(completionTag, "UPDATE") == 0)
            strcpy(completionTag, "UPDATE 0");
        else if (strcmp(completionTag, "DELETE") == 0)
            strcpy(completionTag, "DELETE 0");

Oh, I see this too:


I will duplicate that one in the right place.

> Also, I am not sure that the code paths for "extended query" messages
> are doing logging correctly.  I recall being worried about how to
> translate the logging definitions into situations where parsing and
> execution are separate, or where a statement may be partially executed
> and then we come back for more.  I didn't have time in the 7.4 cycle to
> really think about it, but someone should take a look.

How do we test that?

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