On 3/7/04 12:48 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> John Siracusa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> How does this look?  It seems to do what I want without horribly
>> breaking anything as far as I can tell.
> Not a bad effort for a backend newbie ;-).  It was lacking in comments,
> and upon inspection I thought it could be generalized a little.

I was trying to avoid catastrophe by confining myself to the exact case I
wanted to fix :)  But even if I wasn't, I didn't understand the full meaning
of "strict" operators and functions.  Actually, I'm still not sure how you
can conclude that foo is not null simply by seeing func(..., foo, ...) where
func() is strict.  Do strict functions and operators simply not allow null

Anyway, the world of typedefs and macros is definitely not my cup of tea.
Here's hoping that my next performance enhancement suggestion will be
complex enough that no one will entertain the thought of asking me for a
patch... ;)


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