> > As a side question, if there are multiple cross-type conversions in one
> > constraint on different column pairs, what do we think the message should
> > be? One message with multiple column mentions in detail or multiple
> > notices?  (I haven't looked at the patch to see if one or the other is
> > easier with how it's set up)
> I would expect it to generate one WARNING for each mismatch; doing
> anything else would make life a lot more complex, both as to writing the
> code and as to formatting the output readably.

I agree.

patch v1 issued the warning once for each mismatch, in the check loop.

patch v2 issued the warning once for the foreign key, outside of the loop.

patch v3 is yet to come;-)

I'll re-submit a patch some time later, with a WARNING and mismatch
column names and types specified.


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