Tom Lane wrote:

"Matthew T. O'Connor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

! new_tbl->relid = atol(PQgetvalue(res, row, PQfnumber(res, "oid")));
! new_tbl->reltuples = atof(PQgetvalue(res, row, PQfnumber(res, "reltuples")));
! new_tbl->relpages = atol(PQgetvalue(res, row, PQfnumber(res, "relpages")));

This ignores the fact that relid and relpages are unsigned. I would suggest adopting the same convention for OID as is used in pg_dump and other places:

#define atooid(x) ((Oid) strtoul((x), NULL, 10))

You could actually use this same macro for reading relpages, but that's
probably abusing the notation.  I'd use strtoul directly for relpages,
I think.

! init_dbinfo(char *dbname, int oid, int age)
! init_dbinfo(char *dbname, uint oid, uint age)

This (and other declarations) should be "Oid oid".

Thanks for the help / review. Here is my 2nd cut at fixing this. I believe I have addressed the above concernes. Please review again and (hopefully) apply.


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