Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I just checked a few apps and I see they usually allow a global config
> > file to be specified.  How about SYSPSQLRC that adds a system-wide psql
> > config file to be read before the one in the home directory?
> The ones I know of that allow such a thing generally hard-wire the
> location of the global config file at build time, rather than taking it
> from an environment variable.  The env var approach seems weird, and a
> tad inefficient (since you'd have to put such an env var into the global
> .profile, meaning it propagates into every single process ever launched
> on your system).  Also I think we have at least one global config file
> already for libpq, and its location is hard-wired.

Agreed.  There is usually one global config file, and SYS* overrides it.
The global one we have now is pg_service.conf.  Maybe we should forget
the environment variable idea and just have a pgsql.rc.sample file in
share, with documentation in the file on how to install it.  That is
what we do with pg_service.conf now for libpq.

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