Patch applied by Michael.  Thanks.


Lee Kindness wrote:
> Attached diff improves the handling of connections in ecpg when threading is
> used. The "current connection" is now the last connection made/set for the
> thread in question - not the absolute last connection made/set (over all
> threads in the process). This change removes the tedious need to always use
> "AT connection" for each and every EXEC SQL call (an item on the TODO).
> The "test_thread_implicit" test program added in the last email will
> function as intended with this patch.
> Thanks, L.
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> From: Lee Kindness
> Cc: Bruce Momjian ; Lee Kindness ; Shridhar Daithankar
> Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2004 3:07 PM
> Subject: ECPG: Update tests & memory leak fix
> See attached diff which corrects a per-thread memory leak in libecpg and
> changes the thread test program to create a user defined number of threads.
> Also attached tar.gz adds an additional thread test, which currently does
> NOT work as expected and is one of the cases Shridar and I will be looking
> at (removing need for AT xxx on every EXEC SQL).
> Note, the updated test shows that ECPG currently DOES support the
> specification of connection names by host variables (not only static strings
> as I had said previously).
> Thanks, L.

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