> > >         scroffset += 1;        /* XXX fix me when we have screen width info */
> > >
> > > with calls to a get-the-screen-width-of-this-character subroutine should
> > > do the job.

I have committed changes adding "PQdsplen()" which should do the job
above.  Quick test with EUC-JP indicates that it is working, but still
need testing for many other encodings. Also, currently for UTF-8 and
MULE_INTERNAL it returns always 1, which is not correct of course. I
will look into this within a week..(i have a dealine for a magazine
article and have no time to do next 3 days)
Tatsuo Ishii

> > I also looked into it, and it is also a little bit more complex, as the
> > extract width must be though from the terminal perspective. Thus the
> > truncation part must take into account the terminal lengths. I think it
> > would require an additionnal array to store character to terminal column
> > mapping that would be used when truncating. I'll do that as soon as the
> > needed routines are there for terminal lengths, and submit a new patch.
> Well, I finally noticed that you did all that already;-) So I won't
> have anything to do. Good;-)
> I should think and check before writing...
> Also you improved/simplified the code for the better.
> I've seen the gettext stuff and buffer data. I was wondering how the
> localisation magic could work, it is quite simpler this way. Also you
> changed the palloc/pfree stuff to pg_malloc/free. I'll have to check pg
> memory management...
> Thanks again, have a nice day,
> -- 
> Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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