Larry Rosenman wrote:
> > I'll ask the compiler guys, but I suspect we're going to have to do it
> > this way.
> >
>  From the Compiler Guys:
>  The a.out (not any library) should be linked with -Kpthread (not 
> -lpthread).
> This will force libthread to be linked in the right order relative to
> libc, libC, networking libraries, etc.
> In other words, the entire application either is or is not linked with
> threads; it's not a property of an individual library.
> SO, IF we are using the threads flags, we need to use them on ALL 
> libpq-using programs, ours or the users.
> Not surprising.

Is this problem with just the native compiler, or gcc too?  Are enough
other platforms going to have this problem or do I make a
platform-specific hack for this?

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