Magnus Hagander wrote:

This patch adds initial eventlog support on win32. It's good enough for
most purposes, but we will probably want a specific message DLL later to
format the messages nicer.

I'm extremely happy to see this being done - it's a must-have for WIN32, I think.

The patch mimcs the syslog handling in most cases. It also hijacks the
syslog guc variable. Since syslog is not available on win32, it's
meaning is redefined as eventlog. So syslog=1 means eventlog+stdout,
syslog=2 means just eventlog.

I'm less happy about this. In fact the 0 | 1 | 2 for syslog is very hokey anyway. What is more, it is not inconceivable that someone would run syslogd on a Windows host, especially if it pointed to a remote syslog. Such things exist, as a quick Google search will demonstrate. (I'm not sure if we have any API available on WIndows to support it, but that's another question.)

I would rather see the setting cleaned up and allow zero or more of stdout, syslog, and eventlog (and it should probably be called log_destination or some such instead of syslog).



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