Bruce Momjian said:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > Second attempt attached. The fatal message now reads "no configured
>> > listening socket available", but I am not wedded to the wording. I
>> > also  was not sure how to mark up * in the docs.
>> I went with "no socket configured to listen on" for the failure
>> message, but am not wedded to that either.
> I updated the error text to:
>               (errmsg("no socket configured for listening")));
> Hope you like it.

Both of these are not always correct - they might well have configured a
listening address but we were unable to bind to it, although in that case
a warning would have already been issued. To be strictly correct either we
need to use a flag to distinguish the these cases, or we need an error
message that contemplates both cases.



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