I uploaded from pgsql-server/contrib./dbmirror on postgresql.org.   I'm not
sure who the package is being maintained or not but I may have found a small
bug which I have a fix for.  I use SERIAL types (sequences) to create unique
number id's in my database and got several errors when they were being
replicated such as:

"Error sending query  165865 to r3serverERROR: relation "public" does not
exist" select setval(public.mix_id_seq,3) at DBMirror.pl line 769

This error occurred when operating on the following table: Create table mix
        description varchar(40)
Using postgresql 7.4.1

I found that the public.mix_id_seq needed single quotes (i.e. '') around it,
But this gave an additional error which returned PGRES_TUBPLES_OK instead of
PGRES_COMMAND_OK and there for failed the command.  Attached is my fix to
Line 661 has the addition of the single quotes around the command and line
696 has the addition of PGRES_TUPLES_OK.

John Burtenshaw
Cooper-Standard Automotive

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