On Sat, Mar 27, 2004 at 12:21:07AM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:


> The similar changes that remove the ability to recognize failures
> during AbortTransaction are even worse, because cleanup after a failed
> transaction is exactly where you would most expect software bugs to
> pop up.

Hey, I was just adding the code back when I noticed that
AbortTransaction() sets the TRANS_ABORT state just _before_ doing it's
work, not after.  And all functions are executed with interrupts held
(HOLD_INTERRUPTS / RELEASE_INTERRUPTS).  So the comments I made earlier
are irrelevant.

After all this, I still think the TRANS state is unnecesary.  I will add
checks in the low level routines so they see what TBLOCK state they are
called in, which should be enough to keep the current functionality
and robustness.

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