Patch applied.  Thanks.


Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear patchers,
> Please find a small patch to fix the brain damage "century" and
> "millennium" date part implementation in postgresql, both in the code and
> the documentation, so that it conforms to the official definition. If you
> do not agree with the official definition, please send your complaint to
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". I'm not responsible for them;-)
> With the previous version, the centuries and millenniums had a wrong
> number and started the wrong year. Moreover century number 0, which does
> not exist in reality, lasted 200 years. Also, millennium number 0 lasted
> 2000 years.
> If you want postgresql to have it's own definition of "century" and
> "millennium" that does not conform to the one of the society, just give
> them another name. I would suggest "pgCENTURY" and "pgMILLENNIUM";-)
> IMO, if someone may use the options, it means that postgresql is used for
> historical data, so it make sense to have an historical definition. Also,
> I just want to divide the year by 100 or 1000, I can do that quite easily.
> Have a nice day,
> -- 
> Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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