Bruce Momjian wrote:

I see that the default NULL for CSV mode is ''.  I was hoping the
default was something more special.  Right now, by default, comma-comma
is a null and comma-double-quote-double-quote-comma is a zero-length
string.   I am thinking there should be a way to set NULL to be either
of those, or neither of those, in which case comma-comma is a
zero-length string too.

To me, these characteristics are a property of the file, not of the
individual fields.

For example, WITH NULL BOTH would allow ,, and ,"", to both be null,

I can't see a real world use for this setting. And I think it would break the property of the patch as it currently stands, that we can unambiguously import what we exported, no matter what the settings. I don't think we should abandon that lightly. Quite apart from any other reason because it makes testing easier (just compare what you wrote with what you read back).

while using WITH NULL NONE, both ,, and ,"", are zero-length strings.

Again, I think this will break that property. But if that's what it takes to be able to import to a table with NOT NULL in at least some cases I could live with it. Just. But in the general case it won't work. Say you are importing into a table with the following defn: (a text, b text not null, c int). then the line 'x,,' will fail on b if '' is null, and will fail on c if '' is empty string. And yet this sort of output is exactly what is to be expected from a spreadsheet.

And, finally, the default is WITH NULL STRICT (or SOME) where ,, is NULL
and ,"", is the zero-length string.

That's what happens now with the default.

Those are all existing keywords, and those special NULL values would
only be available in CSV mode.

I am not sure what NULL '' should so in these cases. I am thinking we
would actually disable it for CSV mode because you would need to define
which '' you are talking about.

If you specify an actual string for NULL like WITH NULL 'fred', then
both ,, and ,"", are zero-length strings, I think.

I don't believe '' should be special, any more than 'fred' should be. As it stands now, NULL 'fred' does say that ,, and '"", are empty strings.

Again, I can assist in making these modifications to the patch.

I appreciate your efforts. But as indicated elsewhere, right now I'm leaning towards reworking this into a client, because the road seems to be blocked on doing what I regard as necessary in the backend.



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