Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Bruce Momjian said:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

copy mytable to 'mydata.csv' csv force zipcode;

seems OK to me. I'm all in favor of low-tecH solutions where
appropriate. ;-)

Could we have FORCE just force quotes on all values, rather than
allowing a list of columns to be specified?  Seems if you have a
strange zipcode field, it would be easier to just do them all.

Then dates and numbers would be wrong. No all or nothing switch will work.

OK, I will start coding. So FORCE col1, col2 will force quotes on those two columns, right?

That's what I was thinking. You would just have it as an array of booleans indexed by attnum-1 and use it as part of the expression that sets force_quote.



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