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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Hackers,
> Here is a very preliminar patch that allows the user to say "BEGIN"
> inside a transaction and have the system react accordingly.  This is
> only a modification to xact.c (and slightly to other places to allow it
> to work); the important functions are empty.
> It compiles fine for me with both SUBTRANSACTIONS defined and not
> defined; when not defined, the behavior is the same as the current code.
> Please note that I have made some errors more fatal than they are now,
> as bugs in this code will have much worse effects than a flaw in the
> current transaction system.
> One quick note: there are two ENDABORT states for a subtransaction,
> SUBENDABORT_OK and SUBENDABORT_ERROR.  They signal whether the parent
> transaction should be aborted after the child transaction finishes or
> not:  an aborted subtransaction where the user issues COMMIT should
> abort the parent transaction; if the user issues ROLLBACK, the parent
> can be allowed to continue.
> Please have a look and comment.  This file does not move a lot so I
> don't think it will suffer from a lot of code drift.
> -- 
> Alvaro Herrera (<alvherre[a]>)
> "I think my standards have lowered enough that now I think 'good design'
> is when the page doesn't irritate the living f*ck out of me." (JWZ)

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