This mail apparantly didn't make it through because it was too large.
Resending it without the largest file, tzlib.tgz. I've put this file (+
the patches) on


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> From: Magnus Hagander 
> Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 9:05 PM
> Subject: Timezone library
> Hi!
> Attached is a slightly modified version of Arthur David 
> Olson's timezone library for inclusion in postgresql, pending 
> review of course. This is required to give win32 working 
> timezone functions on dates before 1970. It has also been 
> indicated that it might be interesting to have such a library 
> on other platforms as well. Note that with this enabled, the 
> timezone data files are installed in <pgdir>/share/timezone.
> Attached are the following files:
> * tzlib.tgz - the timezone implementation, including the 
> datafiles required to build the timezone data files.
> * timezone.patch - the modifications made to existing files 
> to make it work. This includes setting the FRONTEND flat for ecpg.
> * tzcode.diff - lists the modifications that I have made to 
> the files from the original timezone files, for reference. 
> Bruce has offered to do the autoconf and Makefile integration 
> parts - I don't know autoconf enough to do that part... The 
> #defines necessary are "activeted" by setting USE_PGTZ. Of 
> course, the appropriate files also have to be linked in.
> With this patch applied, and the timezone data installed, 
> win32 now passes all time-related regression tests (3 now 
> fails, 2 "known" and one being locale-inflicted, still 
> investigating that one)
> //Magnus
 <<tzcode_changes.diff>>  <<timezone.patch>> 

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