Hi Tom,

During bootstrap mode, when running initdb, the dabasename template1 is
passed in. 741 seems to handle this without using the global variable
DatabaseName (which is used in 7.3.3). Our extention still relies on that
global variable.

So how does 7.4.1 find the database name during bootstrap mode?

During bootstrap mode, get_database_name(databaseId) does not seem to work.
This is why we are setting the global variable. The databaseId is comming
from 7.4.1 code, so we are assuming that is valid.

We would like to do it correctly, so any recomendation would be appreciated.


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> "Mahesh Swamy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > We were wondering is there any particular reason why this function
> > (SetDataBaseName) was taken out?
> Evidently because the variable it sets doesn't exist anymore.
> I cannot think of any valid reason for an extension to have been messing
> with that variable anyway; so maybe you'd better explain what you need
> to accomplish instead of asking a low-level question.
> regards, tom lane

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