Neil Conway wrote:
> On 5-May-04, at 2:26 AM, David Fetter wrote:
> > Here it is :)
> Looks good for the most part. A few minor quibbles / suggestions:
> - Where an example uses double-quotes in a function body, we ought to 
> change the example to use dollar quoting -- but if no doubled-quotes 
> are used, I think it's better to just stick with single quotes. You've 
> needlessly converted a few function bodies to use dollar quotes in 
> violation of this principle -- please revert them

I disagree.  I think swiching between single quote and $$ based on the
content is just too confusing. I would just use $$ in all cases unless
$$ appears in the function (which should be rare), in which case I would
use $quote$ or something generic.  I am also not a fan of using
$something$ that varies based on the type of function.

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