> Spoke about this off-list with Magnus; he's strongly for 
> stand-alone; I'm fence-sitting. We see that clearly there are 
> some niceties to having this in the postmaster (one less exe 
> to build/configure; same install set for win/*nix; etc), but 
> the downsides include minor impact on the core code and the 
> fact that a user will see two postmaster processes running... 
> the latter I find particularly obnoxious (using a thread to 
> handle the service or PostmasterMain would alleviate this, 
> but would require more work to be able to catch postmaster 
> shutdowns, meaning impact to core code, and unexpected 
> terminations would leave the user at the mercy of the Service 
> Manager).

Hmm, did I come across as stringly for stand-alone? That was not my
intention :-)

I'm definitly leaning in that direction, but I wouldn't say I'm strongly
for it.

Apart from that, those are the points I see. It's just a matter of
weighting them.


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