Dear Tom,

> > Please find attached my first submission for installing all necessary
> > build files (makefile, scripts...) by default.
> Why?  They won't do anyone any good outside the original build tree.

Is your question rhetorical?

So as to allow postgresql extensions (types, functions) to be compiled "as
if"  they would have been compiled in the source tree, as "contrib"s.

> Even if modified so that they are useful (which is something that is
> on my to-do list),

I agree that it is not simple to make them usable "as is".

I'm trying to have a minimum effort solution, but I would be interested in
having a better one, esp. if I don't have to do it myself.

> I disagree with installing them by default. See previous arguments about
> installing backend internal headers by default. "Can not connect to search daemon"
    well, my look at previous "archived" arguments will wait.

Anyway, you both forbid extensions to be added within the main
distribution, and to provide help for these extensions to be added from
the outside.

So instead of saying "no", please help us solve the problem: how to make
extensions easilly installable against a postgresql, preferably with
minimum effort from the user who would like to try that?

Under apache, I just do : "apxs -c -i -a mod_foo.c" and it is enough.

If your solution is that extensions should require the sysadmin to fetch
postgresql sources and reconfigure... I disagree. If you have something
better, I'm all ears.

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