* Bruce Momjian ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > I'll see about writing up a proper test case/schema.  Looks like I'm
> > probably most of the way there at this point, really. ;)
> I wasn't aware you could throw binary values into the timestamp fields
> like that.  I thought you needed to use a C string for the value.
> Does PREPARE bypass that for some reason?

I don't think so..  As I recall, I think I might have had it set up w/o
using a prepare before and it was working but I'm not sure.  It's
certainly very useful and lets me bypass *alot* of overhead
(converting to a string and then making the database convert back...).
The one complaint I do have is that I don't see a way to pass a
timestamp w/ an explicit timezone in binary format into a table which
has a 'timestamp with timezone' field.  I can pass a binary timestamp
into a 'timestamp with timezone' field, but it's interpreted as UTC or
the local timezone (can't remember which atm).


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