Tom Lane wrote:
I'm surprised you did that much work and did not fix things to
distinguish ListCell * from List * ... we're gonna have to make
another pass over all these places to do that.

That would mean changing _every_ usage of foreach(), and a bunch of other places besides; plus, once one changes an iteration variable to be ListCell*, you get compiler warnings if you don't disable the list compat API for the entire file. Since the hope was to make the changes minimally invasive, I figured I could do this once the initial work is in CVS.

Also, I'm not so worried about changes that are effectively s/List/ListCell/ in a bunch of places -- they can largely be automated...

Offer of help is still open, if you want to try to divvy up the
remaining work.

I'd be happy to accept some help (Alvaro was kind enough to offer as well), if we can figure out a reasonable way to divide the work up (say, if this work were being done in a CVS branch... too late for that now though). Any thoughts on how best to do this?

At any rate, once the initial work is in CVS then anyone can submit patches to update particular parts of the tree to use the new API.

I really want to see this get in.

As do I.

BTW, should I take your lack of comment on linitial() as "no objection"?


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