Bruce Momjian wrote:

I am almost finished Andrew's version of pg_ctl.c.  Here is the current
version I am using.


Thanks for advancing this.

I think this is probably fairly close for Unix - the main thing missing is a more determined effort to find out what port is actually being used (i.e we need to check the options and the config file).

For Windows we will need different command lines in start_postgres() (or if that won't work direct calls to CreateProcess() ), and a way to make sure we don't collide with management by SCM - probably the easiest way once we have a way of detecting that this is so is to issue "net {stop,start} servicename" commands instead of sending SIGINT/SIGQUIT/SIGTERM followed by a call to run postmaster.

If you can get it in a shape that we can get it in before feature freeze I will try to do any polishing necessary afterwards - unfortunately pressure of work is restricting my time right now.



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