Patch applied.  Thanks.

Backpatched to 7.4.X.


Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> This weekend I am trying to fix up all known the pg_autovacuum issues
> that should be resolved for 7.4.3.  I am aware of only two issues:  temp
> table issues, and unchecked send_query() calls, if I am forgetting
> something, please let me know.
> 1) temp table issue:  
> I was not able to reproduce the crash associated with temp tables.  I
> spent a while creating tables doing updates and dropping them trying
> without success to get pg_autovacuum to crash.  Since I couldn't trigger
> the problem, I will need someone else to test to see if I have fixed the
> problem.  Anyway, I have modified the query to exclude temp tables from
> the list of tables to work with.  So we should no longer be dealing with
> temp tables at all which should side step any temp table related problem
> we might have been having.
> 2) Unchecked send_query() function calls:
> As best as I can tell, this is mostly a non-issue, but I went ahead
> added a check to any section that did anything with the result of
> send_query, so if this was an issue, it should be fixed now.  BTW, this
> might have been the cause of the temp table related crash, but that is
> just a guess.
> Matthew O'Connor

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